Todavia Estoy Vivo!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya hace un buen rato ke no hago ningun post el blog se estaba empezando a sentir solo y avandonado en fin aki dejo algunos previews de los papercraft ke estan por venir.solo falta armarlos pero tendra ke esperar por la falta de tinta y empleo para comprarla...XP.en fin aki estan:

"It's been a while Since i post something but tha blog it's feeling lonely but anyway i'm putting some previews of what's to come, everything it's done except for the build part that have to wait a a little bit more since i dont have ink and a job to buy it .... again i apoligize for the lack of english knowledge any way here they are:


dmwisemen said...

The texture on Mindy is slightly wrong. The wasp eyes are supposed to be blue. You can copy the blue eyes from texture 2 to texture 1 on photoshop and swap the texture in pepakura to correct this.

Lunatic said...

=O that's right i didn't notice before my bad i'll fix.Thanks

Paola Elizondo said...

and my link?!

Rogelio said...

yeah you owe me a papercraft too ¬¬
Get a job already you lazy bum

Anonymous said...

When you will relese them??

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